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Laser Hair Removal

Diode laser hair removal is an excellent treatment that is both effective and painless. Laser hair treatments eliminate the dark pigment of your hair and can be performed anywhere on the body. With laser hair removal, results are quick and clients will begin to see results after just one relatively painless session. Typically, it takes about eight sessions for complete hair removal. Say goodbye to shaving and waxing. Enjoy your smooth body with professional Laser Hair Removal at NuBeauty.


Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved method of permanent hair removal. Medical electrolysis devices destroy the hair’s growth center through the use of electric currents. These electric currents are applied to the hair follicle using a fine, disposable needle. Hair growth is affected by a variety of factors, and electrolysis works down to the root to prevent it from growing back. Electrolysis treat any hair color and any skin type. We use the xcell pur which is the latest technology for Electrolysis! You will feel less pain and great results at NuBeauty.


Microneedling is used to improve wrinkles, scars, acne, stretch marks, and fine lines. The microneedling process uses with very fine, surgical quality needles in order to create thousands of tiny holes in your skin. This process is completely safe and will not leave any permanent damage to the skin! Experts often refer to microneedling as “controlled” damage; as a response to the damage, the skin creates new collagen. Our single-use needle technique encourages the production of healthier skin. When you choose NuBeauty for your microneedling treatments, you will see visibly smoother skin. For the best results possible, several treatments are required.

  Skin Care

Many clients enjoy receiving custom facials from NuBeauty. Facials are a very pleasant treatment and are a great way for clients to “treat themselves” while still receiving quality skin care. Ronit customizes facial treatments using Christina Skin Care organic products. She uses organic, antioxidant-rich products which help the skin to repair and tighten itself. Address various skin concerns during your facial and leave feeling more youthful and more beautiful than ever before.